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Peer Tutor

Posting Details

Posting Details

Date Posted 02/27/2018
Working Title Peer Tutor
Anticipated Starting Academic Term Fall
Job Type Student
Job Category Tutor
Federal Work Study Required? No
Job Summary

The University of Pittsburgh is currently seeking an undergraduate Peer Tutor starting in the Fall 2018.

Peer tutors provide individual and small group tutoring sessions in subjects the tutor has attained a grade of A- or better. Peer tutors work with a wide spectrum of the student population. The Undergraduate Studies tutor functions as a guide and coach to assist students in becoming successful, independent learners. The tutor supports students in developing appropriate learning attitudes, behaviors, and understanding of content material. Tutors integrate effective study and learning strategies to maximize the student’s potential for academic progress and success. As a member of the tutor team, tutors maintain ongoing communication with the coordinator of the tutor program.

Job Requirements

A tutor must demonstrate an ability to quickly establish rapport and communicate well with students. The following are the tutors’ day to day responsibilities:

1. Participate in the 1-credit required tutor preparation class held once a week.

2. Tutor students in specific course material and integrate study and learning strategies to promote independent learning.

3. Applicant must also provide two letters of recommendation: One from a Faculty member and the other from another reference. Please have the Faculty member and other reference email the recommendation to Mary Napoli at If you have questions regarding the recommendations please send an email to the above address.

Child Protection Clearances

The following PA Act 153 clearances and background checks are required prior to commencement of employment and as a condition of continued employment: PA State Police Criminal Record Check, FBI Criminal Record Check, PA Child Abuse History Clearance.

Hourly Pay Rate $10.00
Anticipated Number of Openings Multiple
Anticipated Hours per Week Up to 10 Hours Per Week
Anticipated Weekly Schedule

The tutor program is available during the fall and spring. Individual and group tutoring begins within the first two weeks of the fall and spring terms. Individual tutoring appointments are scheduled in the Gardner Steel Conference Center between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Mondays-Thursdays and 9:00 am and 4:00 pm on Fridays. Evening group tutoring occurs between the hours of 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm.

Campus Pittsburgh
Primary Work Location On Campus- Gardner Steel Conference Center
Posting Number S-06279-P

Posting Questions

Required fields are indicated with an asterisk (*).

  1. * Are you a currently registered student taking at least 6 credits?
    • Yes
    • No
  2. Please Identify which subject you are applying for as a tutor from the list below: BIOSC 0150-Foundations of Biology BIOSC 0160-Foundations of Biology 2 BIOSC 0350-Genetics BIOSC 1000=Biochemistry BIOSC 1250-Human Physiology CHEM 0110 General Chemistry 1 CHEM 0120-General Chemistry 2 CHEM 0310-Organic Chemistry CHEM 0320-Organic Chemistry 2 ECON 0100-Introduction to Microeconomics ECON 0110-Introduction to Macroeconomics ECON 1100-Intermediate Microeconomics ECON 1110-Intermediate Macroeconomics ECON 1150-Econometrics NROSCI 1000 Intro to Neuroscience PHYS 0110-Introduction to Physics 1 PHYS 0111-Introduction to Physics 2 PHYS 0174-Physics for Sci. and Eng.1 PHYS 0175-Physics for Sci. and Eng.2 PSY 0010- Introduction to Psychology PSY 0035-Research Methods STAT 0200-Basic Applied Statistics STAT 1000-Applied Statistical Methods STAT 1100-Stat. & Prob. for Management

    (Open Ended Question)

  3. Why do you want to become a tutor? How does this position align with your personal goals and what do you hope to gain from working with this program? (Open Ended Question)

    (Open Ended Question)

  4. Describe any prior experience you have that is relevant to tutoring students (other experience as a tutor or teacher or leadership roles could apply). What was challenging about those experiences and what was rewarding about those experiences? (Open Ended Question)

    (Open Ended Question)

  5. What is one characteristic that does not appear on your resume that would make you a strong peer tutor?

    (Open Ended Question)

Applicant Documents

Required Documents
  1. Resume
Optional Documents
  1. Cover Letter